Hello! Thank you for taking a minute to learn a little bit about me. My name is Kathy and I am passionate about lots of things.  Like the Gorge.  I LOVE it here!  I felt so moved by this area, in fact, that I introduced my husband to it and together we moved our entire family here (3 boys, 2 cats and a hedge hog) all the way from New England. The stunning beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and the Gorge specifically, just makes me smile and appreciate life.  Every. Single. Day.  


I am also passionate about photography; wedding photography in particular (though I also do events, families, portraits, etc). I have been doing it professionally now for just over 8 years.  There is something about the energy of a wedding day with the folks getting ready, the building anticipation, the love, and yes, sometimes the unexpected tears.  Learning the lay of the land, reading the people involved watching the weather, scouting locations, entertaining requests for pictures, asking for pictures, knowing when to capture something and when to give space. All of these things contribute to what I love about weddings.  The photographer(s) needs to be "on it" all day long with a smile, patience and the flexibility to roll with it.  Whatever "it" may be.  I consider it an honor to be trusted to do this job and a personal challenge to do it with absolute confidence and to grow, as a photographer, with every wedding.    


Combining contemporary photojournalism with stylish portraits I tell the story of your wedding day as it unfolds in front of my lens.  My aim is to take photos that maintain the ability 10, 20, 30 years down the line to transport you right back to your incredible day.  Not just what you wore but how you felt.  Wedding photography is not "just a job" for me.  It is an opportunity and, as I mentioned before, a passion.       


I invite you to look through my website, decide if my style is the perfect fit for you.  Over the years I've had some recognition for my work.  I was a featured professional with Well Wed New Hampshire & Maine magazine in addition to a wedding being posted on their blog.  I have also had weddings featured on both WeddingWire and The Knot.  


You want to learn more?  Send me an email kathypothierphotography@ymail.com or give me a call 1-541-215-0176.  Tell me how you envision your upcoming wedding and how I can be a part of it.  Ask me all the questions you can think of.  I'd love to hear from you.