Kathy Pothier Photography | commonly asked questions



Questions & Answers to get the conversation started.....

What kind of equipment do you use? 

I shoot with a Canon Mark II.  I use two 580 EX external Flashes (when absolutely needed), 85mm, 70-200mm, 24-70mm and a 16-35mm.  I also keep a plethora of compact flash cards with me to ensure that I will never run out of memory during your wedding!


What is required to reserve our wedding date with you? 

Your date is not "reserved" until I have a 30% deposit and signed contract with you.  ***You don't need all times and locations firmed up, just your wedding date in order for contracts to be signed.  

How many pictures do we get?

Generally this is how it plays based on hours covered; 4 hrs = 200 - 350 images, 6 hrs rate = 400 - 500 images, and 8 hr rate = 550 - 650 images.


How long before we see proofs? 

During the busy wedding season (April - October) you can expect a 4-5 week wait for your full gallery to be posted.  During my slower season (November - March) you can expect 2-3 weeks for your full gallery to be posted.    

What type of clothing do you (the photographer & assistant) wear to the wedding? 

Appropriate wedding attire on the more conservative and comfortable side so that squatting, laying down and using heights to my advantage do not make for any inappropriate exposure to your guests.  


Do you mind if guests take pictures during the wedding? 

No (for the most part).  They are your guests and are excited to capture such a monumental day on your life.  The exceptions are during formals and when you have "the kiss" (if folks can stay in their seats and out of the aisle).  I ask that guests refrain from taking pictures during these times as multiple flashes will ruin your pictures as well as them being in the shot and potentially blocking my vantage point thus ruining your picture.  This is my preference but it is your day and you run the show so I will defer to your preference.  ***I also strongly encourage folks to have an "unplugged" ceremony for 2 reasons.  1.  So guests are fully present to witness your vows to one another and 2. so that when I photograph your guest taking part in your wedding ceremony you can see the joy and love on their faces and not their phone or cameras in front of their face.     

Do we get to choose if we get our images in Color or B&W? 

All of the images from your wedding gallery will be given to you in both Color and B&W so there is no decision needed.  


Do we get a copyright release so that we own the images from our wedding? 

Yes!  All 4, 6 and 8 hr rates include the copyright release with the images on a thumb drive.  This way you can print whenever and wherever you like!  

What if we have to cancel our wedding? 

If you need to reschedule for factors outside of your control (weather, medical issue) I will do my best to find a new date to photograph your wedding using the same deposit.  If we are unable to find a date that I am available along with your other vendors OR if you need to cancel for personal reasons you will forgo your deposit.   


Do you offer albums/prints?   

I am happy to set up your online gallery for guests to be able to purchase prints and have them shipped directly to them.  That is up to each couple to decide.   Albums, generally, no.  There are so many great, affordable, online (and local) companies to get your album done.  You choose the images  using your thumb drive and arrange it how you like.  I can do it for you but it is time consuming and the pro site I use is not cheap....